Know the Personal Injury Claim Process

People experience injuries every day—whether in workplaces,through accidents or as a result of someone else’s actions. Although most accidents lead to claims for compensation,the process of making a personal injury claim can be long and complicated.

Here is a breakdown of the personal injury claim process.

1. Determining your eligibility for a personal injury claim

Not all injuries are eligible for compensation. But if you’ve sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence,then you qualify to make a compensation claim. Consult ancar crash lawyer to enable you to determine whether you are eligible for a personal injury claim or not.

2. Making your injury claim

Once you are eligible for a personal injury claim,you can choose an attorney to represent you in court and to collect the evidence needed to prove you have been injured. The lawyer will collect statements from witnesses,evidence of your injuries and reports from police and doctor.

3. Determining whether your injury case will proceed to court or not

Only a couple of personal injury cases make it to courts. Your attorney can either opt to negotiate for compensation out of court or file a personal injury claim in court if the other party doesn’t want to have the case settled out of court. If your case has to proceed to the court,then your attorney should have adequate evidence to prove that your injuries were as a result of the other party’s negligence.

4. Determining the amount of compensation you will get

Depending on the severity of your injuries,your attorney will seek a certain amount as compensation for your injuries. The attorney should be able to articulate your case and claim a specific amount as compensation for your injuries.

5. Waiting for compensation

Once all parties have agreed on the amount of compensation,the final step is to wait for actual compensation to be made. But compensation can take longer depending on the time taken for the court to hear and determine your case.

If you have decided to file for a personal injury claim,be ready to go through the lengthy process of making a claim. Above all,don’t file for a personal injury claim if you aren’t eligible for compensation.